From DIY Ribbon Strapped Dresses to Customizable Strappy Sandals

 - Oct 30, 2013
Ribbons are fun and colorful ways to accentuate gifts and decor, and these DIY ribbon projects are offering some new and inventive ways to utilize these items in all sorts of exciting arts and crafts activities.

While some people might automatically associate ribbons with being something you see on top of a present or gift, these colorful strips of material can creatively be used in all sorts of other items and decorations, adding a bold visual appeal to the overall look. By adding strips of ribbon to an otherwise ordinary ensemble or item, you can easily customize that object with bright and colorful accents, turning it into a uniquely personalized piece.

From pearl-accented hair ribbons to bow tie tanks, these DIY ribbon projects will definitely satisfy any arts and crafts enthusiast looking to playfully customize their ordinary accessories.