Greenpeace Envisions a New World Full of Robotic 'Newbees'

With this video, Greenpeace presents 'NewBees,' a stronger, more efficient and high-tech species of robotic bees. The parody envisions a world where bees as we know them have died out and replaced with NewBees. Just like honeybees, NewBees play huge roles in agriculture and they are required to do a lot of different tasks. Greenpeace envisions that the bees would be solar-powered, hardly need any down time and be able to take down predators with ease.

Near the end of the video, Greenpeace encourages viewers to do a search for "robot bees" online, which brings up several real world projects that are very similar to NewBees. Greenpeace has also set up, where it remarks: "Robobees? This is not our vision for the future of agriculture."