New York Uma Temakeria Serves Fast, Personalized Taco-Style Sushi

 - Oct 14, 2015
References: umatemakeria & foodrepublic
Chef Chris Jaeckle of New York Uma Temakeria is championing a new style of build-your-own sushi with temaki, a loose, hand-rolled cone full of sushi rice and toppings that is extremely fast to make and very easy to personalize.

The popular New York Uma sushi restaurant draws its inspiration from the concept of a taco party, where family and friends gather around a table of ingredients. They're free to choose their own toppings buffet-style, taking what they like and leaving what they don't. Uma Temakeria shares this philosophy.

Visitors to the Temakeria line up in front of a counter much like the one you would find in a burrito or sandwich shop. They can either choose from one of Chef Jaeckle's six signature temaki, or create their own out of the ingredients displayed in front of them. Then the temaki makers assemble their meal before their eyes. It's a revolution in the normally formal creation of the universally popular Japanese food.