'Empy America' Shows the City of New York During Hurricane Sandy

 - Oct 30, 2012
References: youtube & thrashlab
The state of New York during Hurricane Sandy was that of an eerily deserted ruin, left to deteriorate while others moved on. People stayed off the streets and away from the subways in order to get away from the brutality of the havoc wreaking storm.

Thrash Lap created a New York City timelapse titled 'Empty America' that depicts what the bustling city looked like on Monday October 29, 2012 with no one to occupy it. The video takes you on a tour through the brightly lit Time Square, down Wall Street, by The Met and towards Fifth Avenue. The view is one that is almost inconceivable; streets that are completely vacant of New Yorkers and look peacefully serene in the process while they await the impending horror of the storm.

The appearance of New York during Hurricane Sandy is not something to call picturesque since a lot of damage was done to many cities within the state. However, the New York City timelapse does have some awe-inspiring moments.