Party Like It's 1994

 - Nov 15, 2006
References: radaronline
The year 1994 is back and glourescent mini dresses, UFO overalls, and lime goggles are hitting the fashion scene. Leading the charge is Donatella Versace's protégé, Christopher Kane. This trend, known as New Rave, is hitting everywhere from East London to New York's Lower East Side.

Radar Online puts it best: "Get your glowsticks readyâ€"for better or for worse, twinky, tacky raver fashion is coming back. .... According to the British Sunday Times, the hip and the beautiful people are doing it too: "New rave is a second coming: not just a throwback to the lawless euphoria of its golden age, but an aesthetic focus for a new generation of club kids, artists, fashion students and night-time celebrities who just want to dress up and get down."