Pepperidge Farms' New Loyalty Program Offers Wellness Sessions

A brand new loyalty program offered up by Pepperidge Farm, as part of a partnership with worldwide promotional agency TLC Marketing, is designed to make it easier than ever for people who make purchases from Pepperidge Farm to enjoy loyalty rewards in the form of health and wellness, spa and beauty treatment sessions.

Users simply have to go ahead and purchase three loaves of Farmhouse or Whole Gran sandwich bread from Pepperidge Farm between April 19 and June 19, before uploading their receipts on the rewards micro-site. They are then emailed a reward code that they can use to redeem their chosen reward.

Pepperidge Farm's customers are known for their unfailing loyalty, and this new loyalty program encourages them to stay loyal in order to reap rewards in addition to those they already enjoy from Pepperidge's high-quality products.