Litroenergy Power Cells

 - Oct 21, 2008
References: LITROENERGY & createthefuturecontest
An award-winning new light source material called Litroenergy was just announced that can generate electricity 24/7 for 20+ years. The technology aims to replace batteries, and was just featured in the NASA Tech Briefs Create the Future Design Contest. Generating low-cost electricity for everything from micro devices to utility applications has groundbreaking implications and has potential to turn the battery business upside down.

Litroenergy is made from litrospheres, which are self-illuminating micro particles that, when they are placed on or sandwiched between solar cells, generate electricity. The light-emitting microparticles are not affected by heat or cold and can be used in sheet form for easy application on solar cells.

This green technology opens many opportunities for powering anything that requires electricity, such a cell phone, electric car or a home.