This Chart Explores How Long it Takes to Learn a New Dialect

 - Oct 3, 2015
References: rayburntours &
Learning a new dialect or language is a feat in and of itself but often times different languages take a different amount of time to perfect. The 'How Long Does It Take to Learn: The 9 Most Common Languages?' infographic shares the most spoken dialects around the world and an estimated amount of time it would take a newcomer to learn them.

The chart is dedicated to English speakers learning new languages and the amount of time and practice it would take one to become fluent. The chart uses meters to showcase the difficulty of learning and shares interesting facts about each dialect. The second most spoken language according to the infographic is Spanish that is relatively easy to pick up and can be learned in under 23 weeks in comparison to number one which is Chinese and can take up to 88 weeks to fully learn.