- Jan 27, 2008
References: dailygalaxy
We all know the "Nano" to be something that is small, take the iPod Nano for example. In hindsight we all know explosions to be big, take the Atom Bomb for example. Well now lets combined the two and what do we get? Nanoexplosions, which is exactly what the researchers in the University of Missouri-Columbia and the U.S. Army have come up with. Not only have they come up with nanoexplosions, they have also come up with a way to use nanoexplosions to treat cancer.

One would think, well if I put tiny bombs into my body wouldn't that be a bad thing? Yes, yes it would, however the medical application of the nanoexplosions does not involve injecting tiny bombs into your body (sigh of relief).

Instead Daily Galaxy explains “a handheld device uses a controlled reaction to generate a small but powerful shockwave which can be targeted into tumours, punching small holes throughout the affected tissue. This allows administered drugs to effectively disperse into the cancer rather than battling at the fringes”

ironically the U.S. Military's goal from this research is not to cure cancer, but it will be used along the same parallels, saving lives. Daily Galaxy explains “shockwaves from nanoexplosive devices could be used with seismic technology to reveal hidden anti personnel explosives, mines and other improvised explosive devices (IED).”

Researchers hope to bring in a working prototype within the next 2 to 5 years.

Don't quote me on this, but I do believe this will be the first time research of explosives will be used in the contrary to actually save lives instead of ending them by both Doctors and soldiers alike.