Blowing up, from Cancer Treatments to 80's Hairdos

 - Aug 11, 2009   Updated: Mar 25 2011
Extravagant explosions can be scary and violent, but not all the time. It's good to find the positive in an often frowned-upon subject.

These extravagant explosions are uplifting and cheery from amazing 80's hairdos to nano-technology cancer treatments. Don't shy away from these exploding innovations!

Implications - Many advertisers have explored the use of explosions as sexual innuendos that make for very effective advertising. Explosions are sexually symbolic and are also action-orientated, which cater more towards men. Advertisers can use explosions as a way to grab a man's attention and draw them towards a certain product. Featuring women and explosions together is a genius way to promote any product that targets men.