Net Wireless Proves Just How Much of a Nuisance Wires Can Be

 - May 27, 2014
References: net10wireless & adsoftheworld
Although your struggles may not be as infomercial-like as in these Net Wireless ads, you've probably felt the same kind of frustration from being tangled up in wires at some point or another.

The ads show people who are still amidst these struggles and have yet to get freedom from messes of cords. Although a name like Net Wireless clearly alludes to technology, the ads take a more low-tech approach to demonstrating other places where wires can be cumbersome. Between long lengths of pasta or yarn that's being used to knit a sweater, a cluster of birds has gathered, just as they would sit on telephone wires outside. The ads by the Miami Ad School in Rio de Janeiro are a little absurd, but they're a funny way to encourage people to go wireless.