These Mesh Cylinders Present a Unique Method for Holding Products

 - Feb 27, 2015
References: yuliserfaty & packagingoftheworld
This net packaging concept looks less like the sort of container that you'd find on the supermarket shelf, and more like the sort of canister that you'd use to organize your desk. The reason why Yuli Serfaty's project really sets itself apart from your typical store packaging is that there's no place for a label to go.

No part of this cylindrical carton is actually printed, in fact; laser-cutting technology was employed to produce this net packaging with its fine cross-crossing patterns. Multiple layers of paper contribute to the strength of these meshy tubes, enabling them to hold their shapes well. Wooden caps in Mahogany close the top and bottom of this concept candy packaging, which was inspired by the fishing nets of Jaffa Port. Completely brand-free, these will be attractive for use again and again.