Robert Lach Converts Swanky Suitcases into Nests

 - May 28, 2013
References: treehugger
Creative American artist Robert Lach takes stylish old suitcases and uses them to create intriguing nests. This impressive collection of nest sculptures is called 'Nest Colonies.'

To create these believable nest sculptures, Robert Lach scraps out the lining of these old suitcases and combines that material with tiny shredded cardboard bits. He then shapes them into beautiful bird nests of all different sizes.

By combining nests and suitcases, this bird abode art project blends elements of travelling with elements of home. One of these pieces has a hollowed-out suitcase with a nest dangling down from the top. Others have a series of small nests blocking the hollowed out bits of the suitcase. These nature-inspired nest sculptures recycle vintage suitcases in an interesting way.