The Nest Project Places Bird Houses on Street Sign Poles & Fences

 - Jul 17, 2015
References: fieldworkfacility & fastcoexist
The Nest Project is an organization dedicated to bringing city dwelling birds a place to call home. Volunteers spend their time constructing these sustainable birdhouses that are available in bright colors of yellow, blue, green and blue.

Each volunteer is responsible for creating a nest in the birdhouses using pencil shavings. Once the nest is ready it can be hung in a city location like a park, near an office or on a busy street. Each bright house provides a safe home for the flying animals and an interesting piece of city art.

While expanding cities have been pushing critters out of their natural environment some creatures like birds are refusing to leave. The ultimate goal of The Nest Project is to give these birds a safe place to stay while adding some playfully bright birdhouses to the concrete jungle.