The Nendo Shivering Bowls Quiver at the Slightest Breeze

 - Nov 24, 2012
References: & dezeen
Created for the 'KAMA. Sex & Design' exhibition, the Nendo Shivering Bowls explore the erotic nature of touch and texture.

While these bowls, with their solid white appearance, look like they could be made from porcelain, they are actually made out of extremely thin silicone. This material makes them very flexible and responsive to touch. They are actually so thin that they quiver as the breeze from a fan passes over them, creating a dainty and delicate rippling effect.

The nature of these bowls is very tactile, and the Nendo Shivering Bowls were created as an experimental exploration of desire and lust. Nendo's intentions were to make it difficult for you to resist touching them and feeling their supple texture.