The Nemo Chair Lets You Sit Inside Someone's Head

 - Apr 15, 2010   Updated: Aug 10 2011
The Nemo chair by Italian designer Fabio Novembre is both sculptural and slightly creepy. Novembre works within the idea that the human figure has the capability of being both abstract and universal and in inspired by Greek art.

Novembre's approach is called 'anthropomorphic design' and the Nemo chair is definitely a prime example of this. The face has classic, haunting features and offers sitters a wide berth of privacy inside the head.

Implications - Consumers are more willing to pay for products with idiosyncratic designs because they feel items with more effort placed into its aesthetics has more financial and intrinsic value. Corporations may consider redesigning their current existing products to include more visually pleasing designs in order to be able to raise product prices with very little consumer resistance.