Neilson Navarette Designs an Assistive Seat Inspired by the Audi R8

Neilson Navarette is a Filipino designer who has conceived a wheelchair inspired by one of the world's fastest cars: the Audi R8. It would be a stretch to say that this concept looks exactly like the R8, but both the car and the wheelchair are curvy and eye-catching.

The design features three wheels, two on the side and a free-floating rear wheel used to maneuver the chair. Neilson Navarette cut weight by going with low-profile tires and by adding a smaller electric engine; the lighter engine allows the chair to be easily pushed if needed. Additionally, the slip cover can be switched out, which allows for a bit of customization.

Many people across the world use wheelchairs everyday, but not many designers take the time to dream up new wheelchairs. Neilson Navarette has designed a realistic concept that is both functional and fashionable. When's the last time you heard someone call a wheelchair fashionable?