Studio Puisto's Design is Industrial and Open-Space

 - Oct 1, 2018
References: & dezeen
Helsinki-based architecture firm Studio Puisto designs a neighborhood sauna in a 540 meter complex in Tampere, Finland. The project is commissioned by Dream Hotel and it actively reinforces community engagement and social environments. The entire idea is informed by korttelisaunas in the late 19th century. These spaces were established during a time of rapid urban development where structures were too limited to house personal washrooms. Individuals would gather in the korttelisaunas to satisfy their basic hygienic needs, as well as socialize and share ideas. These places were often referred to as 'communal living rooms.'

Building on this notion of togetherness, Studio Puisto creates a neighborhood sauna with a sense of multi-functionality through the incorporation of a "bistro [with] local delicacies and a co-working space."

Photo Credits: Riikka Kantinkoski