This Photographer Tries to Find the Beauty in Old Buildings

 - Jun 20, 2016
References: maltebrandenburg & archdaily
Photographer Malte Brandenburg's photos of neglected buildings aim to recapture the beauty of these once-popular buildings in Berlin.

After the second World War, Berlin's post-war housing was highly popular due to the space and affordability that these apartments offered. These neglected buildings have since fallen by the wayside and are seen as "blights on the city's skyline." By stripping away the buildings' surroundings, the artist manages to recapture these once-significant pieces of architecture and show them in a new light. By taking away any negative connotations these buildings may hold in context, the result is a series of photos that capture beautiful -- if slightly dilapidated -- architecture.

The artist manages to perfectly capture the essence of what "art" is for many people -- the ability to find and create something beautiful out of something perceived as ugly or insignificant.