Rob Stewart's Nature Documentary Predicts a Devastating Future

 - Aug 22, 2013
References: therevolutionmovie & youtube
Rob Stewart's latest nature documentary, the powerfully titled 'Revolution,' explores the devastating destruction of the environment in countries all over the world. While his previous film 'Sharkwater' focused solely on the illegal killing of sharks in the Galapagos Islands, 'Revolution' takes a look at a variety of environmentally harmful activities taking place in 15 countries from around the globe, including Canada.

In 'Revolution,' Stewart explores the infamous Alberta tar sands, describing them as "atrocious" and "irresponsible." He points out that Canadians have become too comfortable and submissive when it comes to their own country, allowing the government to destroy much of Canada's natural beauty with these high-polluting tar sands.

While shooting his film, Stewart discovered that this submissive attitude pervades not only Canada, but countries all over the world. "We need to educate the public," he says, for this submissive attitude comes not from indifference, but from ignorance.

'Revolution' predicts an extremely dark future for the global environment, but it also shares with its viewers a glimmer of hope. In his travels, Stewart found tons of activist groups and individuals who are irrepressibly passionate about preserving the environment. If these people can share their passion and their knowledge with their communities, then maybe, just maybe, our world can still be saved.

That's what Stewart's film is all about. It wasn't created to guilt trip commuters who drive gas-guzzling SUVs, or college students who never recycle; it was created to get people excited about saving the world.

It was created to incite a revolution.