Nathaniel Rogers Presents the Morbid Side of Humanity

Nathaniel Rogers presents the morbid side of humanity in these stunning pieces of art.

The artist focuses on darker human tendencies that many individuals prefer not to talk about. Nathaniel Rogers presents people with murderous impulses towards the smaller critters of the earth. At first glance, these paintings are mildly offensive and slightly disturbing, but on closer examination, it's clear that this artist conveys the concealed side of human urges that otherwise goes unnoticed. One may not want to hang mice over a fire, but there are always those deep, even subconscious thoughts that no one ever wants to talk about that may urge you to do so. Nathaniel Rogers brings these feelings to light in these stunning paintings.

Implications - Companies would be wise to provide products that give consumers a sense of escape from the constraints of their everyday life, either through product design or marketing tactics.