Namelok's 'House 1' is Inspired by Mid-Century Scandinavians

 - Jun 12, 2018
References: archdaily
Even before IKEA's international dominance, Scandinavian design was at the forefront of architecture and design, and Danish studio Namelok's 'House 1' shows that the influential mid-century thinkers' work still rings true today. The home features the clean, understated look of classic mid-century modern design, adding just the right touches to update the style and place it within a modern aesthetic.

One of Namelok's signature embellishments is the placement of the home's kitchen at the center of the floor plan. As the studio puts it, the kitchen represents "the beating heart" of the home, and indeed meals have always been an essential part of family relationships -- across many different cultural milieus.

Image Credit: Christian van der Kooy