Naji Khoury's 'Plastisoil' Turns Water Bottles into Walkways

 - Nov 23, 2010
References: & gizmag
No, these Temple University students are not making hamburgers, they are in fact working to develop Naji Khoury's 'Plastisoil.' Made by combining soil and the environment's enemy, plastic water bottles, this sustainable mixture provides an eco-friendly solution to constructing bike paths, driveways, parking lots and the like.

The assistant professor has been working on this project out of the Philadelphia college on a process that involves pulverizing polyethylene terephthalate, before mixing it in with dirt and a courser compound, and then heating it. In addition to its respectable recycled nature, Naji Khoury's 'Plastisoil' also allows rainwater to travel through the material and reach the earth below, lessening the effects of polluting runoff.