The Nailed Succession Stool is Deceptively Soft and Painfully Pointy

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: fargblanche
What you're looking at when you set eyes on the Nailed Succession Stool is not a soft and shaggy texture that will feel comfortable against your skin; the unusual ottoman's surface is completely covered in 12,000 staples that point straight out at the sitter.

The Färg & Blanche piece has been designed with a rotund shape that makes it seem like it might offer plushy upholstery beneath these curious silver hairs. In reality, the metallic fabric has an unforgiving foundation that will press hard against your weight. With so many spikes arranged so closely together, the tight distribution might keep your epidermis from becoming pierced; however, the Nailed Succession Stool is certainly not the type of chair on which you'll want to repose, unless you are a masochist.