Nabito Architects' Spiraling Stairscraper Stacks Sustainable Suites

 - Jan 2, 2011   Updated: Jun 20 2011
References: nabitoarquitectura.blogspot
I am loving the Nabito Architects Spiraling Stairscraper design for future living. Looking at the images, I can't help but see this design, filled with the ultimate eco living spaces, as a literal stairway to heaven.

Aside from its unique corkscrew structure, the Nabito Architects Spiraling Stairscraper will provide each inhabitant with their own backyard; the lower roofs will become a garden for the units above.

Implications - There is a growing consumer appreciation with eco-consious designs, especially designs that merge green initiatives and style. While there is an consumer embrace of environmentally savvy designs, businesses must remember that consumers also appreciate an embrace of style within all of their purchases.