mySymptoms Analyzes Dietary Habits to Explain Helath Concerns

 - Oct 23, 2017
The mySymptoms app allows users to input data about their daily dietary intake, and uses that data to help them determine where the source of their health concerns may be coming from.

Users of the app begin by posting their food, beverage and water intake each time they consume something. They are also able to post their levels of exercise, environmental factors and various activities. After posting any health-related symptoms they may be experiencing, and tracking energy, sleep quality, and bowel movements, users can set the mySymptoms app into its analysis mode. The resulting reports find any correlations between the users' daily activities and food intake, and the various symptoms they may be experiencing.

While the mySymptoms app's conclusions are not meant to be interpreted as diagnoses, they can function as effective tools to complement users' health regimes, and allow them to better understand what might trigger their symptoms.