The MyPurMist Steam Inhaler Offers Medication-Free Allergy Relief

 - Nov 24, 2017
References: bedbathandbeyond
Backed up sinuses are too uncomfortable to ignore during allergy season, and the MyPurMist handheld steam inhaler help those who suffer from allergies to get some much needed relief without having to resort to harsh drugs. The portable device aids in clearing out one's sinuses through the use of water alone, and in a far gentler manner than with netty pots or similar products.

MyPurMist makes use of hospital-grade technology in order to deliver an instant shot of warm, ultra-fine, 99.999 percent germ-free vapor. The mechanism removes the need to boil water as well, which makes the MyPurMist safe to use as well as conveniently portable. Further, thanks to a built-in drying cycle, the device requires no cleaning or maintenance.

Using the MyPurmist is as simple as turning it on, setting one's desired temperature, and then breathing through the mask — it is equipped with automatic shut-off once a full cycle is complete.