Myeongbeom Kim Artistically Mixes Elements of Nature and Fantasy

 - Apr 25, 2011
References: myeongbeomkim & mymodernmet
The art of Myeongbeom Kim is so stunning that it would be easy to just stare at some of the pieces all day! He went to school in both Chicago and South Korea for art, earning himself an MFA and a BFA. Each of Myeongbeom Kim's sculptures are full of meaning and were created to make viewers think. Kim uses elements found in nature and mixes them to provide people with images of fantasy and reality.

Myeongbeom Kim states that his artworks are about "breathing life into inanimate objects." Although he tells his viewers what the art is about, he still feels that there is room for interpretation and encourages others to find meaning in his art. He definitely does an amazing job creating fantastical installations featuring colorful balloons, tree branches and animals.