The Mvtikka Fireplace by Nuvist is Organic and Sculptural

 - May 7, 2014
References: nuvist & deconiche
There is something almost disturbingly organic about the Mvtikka Fireplace. It has a fluidity to its design that makes it appear as though it were an open wound in the wall that is gushing fire in place of blood. Yet the clean and contemporary (nay futuristic) quality about the Mvtikka Fireplace makes it much more inviting than that description sounds. In fact, it is downright chic and sculptural.

Designed by Nuvist, the Mvtikka Fireplace is inspired by the flames that it contains. Compatible with both classic and electric outputs, the Mvtikka Fireplace is great for many homes, but modern ones in particular. In a way, it becomes a decorative art piece in and of itself, which enhances the space in both a visual and physical way.