The Music Tube Has a Futuristic and Simplistic Design

 - Oct 1, 2011
References: tuvie
If you were a fan of the original iPod Shuffle, then you are going to love Angel Sánchez Vargas' Music Tube. The Music Tube is a conceptual MP3 player designed to be as portable as possible with its compact battery-inspired designed.

The Music Tube works exactly like the iPod Shuffle in that you can't select your song, but you can move back and forward in the shuffled song library. Unlike the Shuffle, the Music Tube can display track information on its scrolling LED screen. The volume level and battery status of the device can also be viewed from the scrolling screen.

Even though today's MP3 players continue to get more advanced and futuristic, I could still see a place for the Music Tube. There is a large market that is turned off by the complicated nature and high price of today's portable music player. You can check out the Music Tube here.