Music From a Dry Cleaner is Sure to Put a Spring in Your Step

 - Sep 28, 2011
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Music from a Dry Cleaner uses the tools of the trade to make deeply moving music. This piece was created by Burbank-based musician Diego Stocco who has made a name for himself by creating bewitching symphonies out of found sounds.

This latest installment features the rhythmic stylings of a puff iron, press, with brass and melodies supplied by conduits and engines within common dry cleaning machines. Other sounds were supplied by a washer, clothes hangers and a bucket full of soap. No additional instruments were used and post processing was kept to a minimum.

Stocco said his first inspiration for creating this kind of music came from wandering past dry cleaning shops that had flung their doors open hoping to tempt a passing brisk wind. He feel in love with the gentle hum and soul shaking rhythm of their work. Assigning the help of the Aviva Cleaners in Burbank, Stocco invaded the shop for the day and turned out this amazing piece of ear candy.

So, sit back and enjoy the toe-tapping rhythm of Diego Stocco's Music from a Dry Cleaner.