This Mushroom Pie Has a Deliciously Savory Taste That Won’t Break Your Bel

 - Sep 6, 2013
References: blog.sanuraweathers
A mushroom pie is probably not the most common thought that comes up when you’re searching for something to eat; however, this savory meal will have you reaching for the recipe all the time. The end result is a gorgeous mashup of flavors that will induce the umami taste that so many crave.

The rustic mushroom pie calls for both dried chanterelle mushrooms and truffle mustard, so be prepared for bold flavors. With a divine parmesan cream sauce drizzled over the finished pastry, you’ll finish the meal just as you slip into a food-induced coma.

With such luxurious ingredients, this meal can be used to impress your foodie friends or as a simple elegant dinner choice. Having a versatile dish like this will allow it to quickly become a favorite choice.