Shape and Matter Combine in Venetian Glassmaster Pino Signoretto

 - Sep 7, 2011
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The abstract Murano Glass sculpture collection of Pino Signoretto will take your breath away.

Signoretto, one of the greatest contemporary glass masters of Murano in Venice, beautifully manipulates matter to create a unique play with lights and shapes. The result is a modern, internationally appreciated and sought-after collection of pieces of art.

Signoretto, a living "murano glass legend" himself, has learned his arts and crafts from the greatest Italian glass masters Alfredo Barbini, Livio and Angleo Seguso. His passion, dedication and creative credo encompasses the essence of this historic Venetian art form. The the fame and story of the murano glass dates back to the 13th century and its heritage, traditions, and techniques are still safely guarded by the community of contemporary murano glass masters.

Pino Signoretto's boutique shop, or rather a murano glass art museum 'Vetreria Pino Signoretto,' is a must if you are traveling to Venice. A true piece eye (and soul) candy.