Mulu Lets You Recommend Products for Cash or Charitable Donations

 - Jul 20, 2012
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You probably already share recommendations concerning your favorite products with your friends online, and now you can earn some cash doing so with

Founded by Amaryllis Fox, Mulu is an online shopping platform that invites people to endorse certain products in exchange for commission. The commission you receive from sales can then be allocated to a charity of your choice, or you can keep the money for yourself.

On the shopping side, you can purchase items on Mulu that have been recommended on your friends' curated pages, as well as those of celebrities. This way, you can shop through products that have been recommended by people you trust, or look at what celebs have purchased and are endorsing, which creates a very relevant shopping experience.

As Fox puts it, "Mulu enables everyone to benefit from the joy of sharing and discovery while raising hundreds of millions of dollars in affiliate fees for chronically underfunded causes."