Reddit Now Has Chat Rooms for Up to 20,000 Users and Certain Subreddits

 - Jul 20, 2018
References: theverge & digitaltrends
Chat rooms may seem like a relic of the early Internet but Reddit is hoping to bring back these multi-person chat rooms. Building off the beta-tested Reddit Chat, this new feature aims to keep users connected to the site and away from external chat clients like Slack and Discord. These multi-person chat rooms are currently in an opt-in basis for subreddits, meaning every community doesn't have them yet.

These multi-person chat rooms can currently play host to 20,000 participants and will store posted messages for 14 days. The chat rooms do come with a few community-focused rules. These rules generally focus on keeping content PG-13, maintaining politeness, not capturing screenshots of chats and not using posts for feedback.

Image Credit: Reddit