The EGO! Smartmouse is an Intelligent Computer Device

 - Mar 3, 2013
References: kickstarter & technabob
With the multitude of technological devices in circulation, finding one that is equipped to handle a variety of tasks is key, and these inventive multi-functional desktop mice are some great examples of hi-tech computer devices.

While computer mice are known for their convenience and easy-access capabilities, this newly advanced mouse design offers users the ability to control a multitude of devices with one simple product. Designed with a sensor-activated button, this one-of-a-kind wireless device can connect to any type of bluetooth media, contains a clever USB component, and can even be used as a gaming controller. This inventive design is a great way to incorporate a variety of different functions into one practical item.

The Smartmouse is a great example of how technology is advancing ordinary items, and revolutionizing them into something more practical and convenient.