Multi-Function Bathtub Tilts Back and Forth for Water Consumption Reduction

 - Jan 3, 2014
References: & yankodesign
Do you fill a whole soaker just to give yourself a foot bath or to bathe a tiny infant? The Multi-Function Bathtub has been designed for the more efficient pooling of water within, enabling you to draw an appropriate and responsible level of liquid for various hygienic activities.

This concept by Seung Hyun Lee comprises a jacuzzi on a rounded base that enables you to tip the basin one way or another, or to angle it evenly. The bottom of the tub has also been partitioned shallowly into two sections, enhancing its ergonomic quality and creating a pair of basins that can each reach greater depths with half the amount of water consumed. Use the dial on the Multi-Function Bathtub to prepare for a feet clean, a half body bath or comfortable full submersion.