The MULTI Lift System Replaces Elevator Cables with a Vertical Track

 - Nov 6, 2015
References: thyssenkrupp & treehugger
The MULTI lift system is a vertical mass transit system that provides a new way to install elevators in high-rise buildings. With urban populations constantly expanding, skyscrapers and high-rise building have proven to be the more economic way to house consumers. However, the taller these buildings become, the more stress is placed on the elevator systems.

'ThyssenKrupp' has come up with a more efficient elevator system for high-rise buildings. The MULTI lift system replaces traditional elevator cables with a vertical track, which is powered by induction motors. When each cab reaches the point at which it wants to move sideways, a portion of the track will rotate. This means that the elevator system can run horizontally in addition to vertically.

Although the system is currently limited to a concept model, the technology could change the way developers install mass transit systems.