The Muadib Desert Transportation Vehicle Traverses Arid Locations

 - Jun 12, 2017
References: & tuvie
The Muadib desert transportation vehicle is designed as a cruise ship on land that will provide passengers with a comfortable ride as they explore arid landscapes.

Designed by Charles Bombardier and Boris Schwarzer, the vehicle is outfitted with caterpillar tracks that make quick work of desert landscapes in order to move forward with grace and power without sinking into the sand.

The vehicle features an advanced cooling system in order to keep the passengers comfortable and chilled out when exploring the desolate desert landscape. Water is collected from the condensation that forms on the cooling system in order to provide fresh water.

The Muadib desert transportation vehicle also features a drilling system that is capable of digging through the sand in order to pump water from subterranean reservoirs to refill the tanks.