The MtEverClimb Endless Rope is an Innovative At-Home Workout

 - May 13, 2011
References: mteverclimb
The MtEverClimb endless rope is a unique at-home workout that makes getting in shape easy, safe and fun. The MtEverClimb endless rope, also referred to as a continuous rope climbing system, is an exercise machine that simulates actual rope climbing.

For those people who are interested in rope climbing, but often refrain due to a fear of heights or injuring themselves, the MtEverClimb endless rope is the perfect way to partake in the activity. This machine provides a safe and effective way to obtain an efficient overall body workout of rope climbing while developing basic body strength and providing an excellent aerobic training session.

The MtEverClimb endless rope is an ideal fitness machine that can be used at home, school or a fitness center. This innovative machine is manufactured in the United States and is even endorsed by professional athletes such as players of the Pittsburgh Steelers.