A Taxidermist Created an Entire Chess Set Made Up of Dead Mice

 - Dec 11, 2013
References: dangerousminds.net & geekologie
Chess is an ancient game, and many versions of the iconic chess set and game have been developed over the years, including Sci-Fi chess sets, London Skyline chess sets and now, mouse chess sets.

A taxidermist who goes by the moniker TheCurious13 fashioned this unusual and morbid set from white and black mice that have been preserved via taxidermy and dressed up to match the pieces they play -- king, queen, bishop, knight, etc. This mouse chess set is completely playable for those who have no qualms about taxidermy or animals, and it will definitely be an eye-catching visual in any home.

This rather bizarre mouse chess set would also make a great conversation starter and would be a topic of great debate in whatever household it sits in. It’s an interesting set, and testament to the evolving art of taxidermy.