The 'Autonomouse' Provides Lab Rodents With Unlimited Food and Water

 - Mar 11, 2019
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Lab mice are a crucial part of the world of basic research, but the facilities used to house these rodents haven't evolved fast enough to keep up with the requirements of modern scientific enquiry, which is where the Autonomouse mouse cages come in.

Designed by a group of researchers and engineers over at the Francis Crick Institute in the U.K., the Autonomouse mouse cage is an automated habitat that is capable of providing its furry habitants with unlimited food and water with minimal human supervision.

What's more, this mouse cage is capable of housing several mice that remain in the same social group for the duration of their participation in experiments, allowing scientists to better control variables.

By automating habitat conditions for lab mice, the Autonomouse cage aims to allow scientists to focus their energies on their research.