Vitality Air Bottles Fresh Oxygen for Citizens in Polluted Regions

 - Dec 18, 2015
References: vitalityair & eater
Vitality Air is a lifestyle brand that packages fresh oxygen and mountain air sourced from Lake Louise and Banff in Alberta to sell to consumers living in heavily polluted regions, such as China. The idea is to deliver pure and uncontaminated air to citizens living in spaces where the air quality is poor or dangerously low.

Air quality is an issue many cities are struggling to overcome as cities become more and more populated, causing increasing amounts of pollution. Vitality Air offers consumers living in such areas the chance to experience fresh air from the mountains in an aerosol form. The uncontaminated air can be sprayed and inhaled as an unconventional lifestyle or health product.

Currently the product sells for $13.63 USD and the brand is in-demand for over 4,000 bottles.