This Beer Glass Features Mount Rainier Carved into the Base

 - Jan 15, 2016
References: northdrinkware & coolmaterial
For consumers with an aptitude for geography and typographic terrain there is the dapper Washington Pint glass design that features a miniature glass carving of Mount Rainier located at the base. As the glass is filled with frothy brew, the mountain carving becomes visible in all its distinct detail.

The Washington Pint is an expertly made handblown glass that features an exact miniature replica of Mount Rainier etched in glass. The mountain is curved at the base of the cup with detailed and lifelike craters and grooves. Whether the glass is filled with beer or left empty on a shelf, the minuscule Mount Rainier replica remains clearly visible in all its glory.

The glass offers a stylish and subtle way for Washington citizens to show their regional pride.