This Motivational Mug Uses Cussing as a Productivity Strategy

 - Feb 17, 2015
References: vampiremob & thatsnerdalicious
This motivational mug was designed specifically with writers and wannabe authors in mind. Available from Joe's Mug Store on VampireMob, the mug reads 'Write the F****** BOOK!' for a blunt reminder do get work done.

The coffee cup comes in a few different styles, including one with the expletive written out in full instead of offensive letters supplemented with asterisks. They also come in white or black handles with a matching black rim. Or if you are working on a different creative medium, 'Write the F****** SCRIPT!' and 'Make Some F****** ART!' are also options.

Whether you go with the cussing version or the PG rated motivational mug, you will get a daily dose of tough love along with your morning caffeine.