This Radio is Completely Moss-Powered

 - Mar 26, 2014
References: mosspower.tumblr & psfk
This moss-powered radio provides an alternative to the ordinary types of power generators. Biological solutions aren’t new, but being able to use plants essentially as solar panels for sustained energy is still not commonplace.

The moss-powered radio was built by a Swiss designer named Fabienne Felder and uses the process of photosynthesis to generate electricity. There are 10 pots of moss all connected to each other that also connect to the radio to play it.

In a discussion, they also say that other plants could have been used for the project but that moss is the best choice because it "operate as potentially better photo-active components in Photo-MFCs due to particularities in their photosynthetic process." This project shows that power can be conducted in a variety of ways we don’t use normally yet.