This Structure by Morphosis Architecture Changes With Its Landscape

 - Feb 25, 2011   Updated: May 9 2011
References: morphopedia
When software company Giant Interactive wanted a state-of-the-art headquarters with larger-than-life eco qualities, they turned to Morphosis Architecture.

The result of this collaboration was this fantastic structure, which curves around a series of lakes while intruding on the natural landscape as little as possible. Morphosis Architecture's design also focuses on extensive green roofs that follow the building's contour in order to regulate the building's interior temperature, while also complementing its exterior aesthetic.

Implications - As companies build their own workspace, a greener approach is being embraced. Cities are often overrun with towering skyscrapers, and so the alternative is to move towards a more natural environment which benefits employees and mother nature. An eco-friendly workspace in a greener space can improve productivity and further build upon the friendly office concept that many have employed today.