'Morphing Figures' by Joram Roukes is Sombre and Captivating

 - Aug 4, 2012
References: beautifuldecay & neatorama
This 'Morphing Figures' series by Joram Roukes is a hauntingly dark depiction of society that combines elements from all parts of life. Roukes portraits were created using many different oil colors and canvas.

Each piece featured in the series combines animals, technology and human attributes. No single piece is alike, as Roukes uses a new angle for every portrait. In the imagery, the viewer will notice that Roukes uses animal faces with human limbs, which are often mixed in with cars or pop culture images. The pieces are incredibly evocative and scream for attention, especially given that the series holds strong social commentary.

Making a strong statement in a fearless way, this is definitely a series worth checking out.