The Mondrian and Lichtenstein Cupcake Tees are for Sweet tooths

Lovers of fine art and frosting will get a kick out of these Mondrian and Lichtenstein Cupcake Tees. This limited edition line comes from the confectionery fashion kings at 'Johnny Cupcakes.' Everyone's favorite dessert is front and center in these sugary jersey masterpieces. Fashionable bakers and curators everywhere will be clamoring to slip one on these sweet tees on.

Johnny Cupcakes' classic logo of a cupcake and cross bones is the focal point of these nerdy T-shirt designs. Applying the stylistic calling cards of two of modern art's most influential artists, these tees carry the irresistible aesthetics that made both Lichtenstein's and Mondrian's work immortal. While you're not liable to treasure these shirts as much as an original Ben-Day dotted canvas, you'll be sure to wear them out.

Fun, geeky and playful, these Mondrian and Lichtenstein Cupcake Tees are a must-have for cupcake connoisseurs and fine art aficionados.