MomSense Lets Parents Know If Newborns are Getting Enough Breastmilk

 - Apr 30, 2016
References: mymomsense & fastcompany
There are many reasons why a new mother may decide to give up on breastfeeding and MomSense is an app that addresses one of the most common concerns. According to Fast Company, there are many studies pointing to the fact that concern over whether or not babies are getting enough nourishment is one of the biggest worries. MomSense helps to assuage this worry by letting parents know just how much babies are drinking.

MomSense, an Israeli startup, essentially uses to tool to amplify the sound of the newborn breastfeeding, relaying the information to an accompanying app available on smartphones and tablets. It visualizes the patterns of sucks and swallows while informing parents when the baby has received the right amount of food. MomSense is simple yet brilliant in its practical purpose.